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Plastics / Tool Making
The promoters of ERG formerly owned a modern tool room. During the period 1969-82, the unit has had extensive experience in manufacture of a large number of tools for the plastic industry. These included injection and compression moulding, and transfer moulding. Plastic tooling for commercial components such as: buckets, vessels, divided trays, tubs and other such large area components, high precision industrial components such as equipment housing, front panels as well as precision moulded gears, cams, shafts and other related components were all being successfully manufactured.

ERG has been associated with several projects for development of sophisticated industrial components such as computer keyboards, key frames, switches, monitors, cassettes, notebook PC's etc. We have been associated with development of tooling with several major tool rooms in the country as well as abroad and are completely familiar with modern tool making and production techniques. ERG has been associated with setting up of a blown film plant for manufacture of woven sacks, lamination, wide width tarpaulins, intermediate bulk containers and optical fibre cables.

ERG was also involved in the development of electro-mechanical products for Indian and foreign plants, where extensive plastic mouldings were utilized.

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