Implementation Resources
ERG 's Project Engineering Management services are available in modules specifically designed to cater to the requirement of industrial startup.

ERG can carry out total project completion activities, or provide infrastructure-engineering including: engineering design, process development, utilities design, site supervision, construction management and more. The scope depends on the packaging of services that suits a project. A group of related activities are generally packaged together.

Project Evaluation
Project finalization
  Advice on finalization of a project from various alternatives, considering the clients organization, locations, technology, familiarity, product family, investment levels and cost benefit.
Market evaluation
  First level studies provided from in-house expertise, based mostly on desk work. Market surveys provided in association with a specialized agency.
Technology linkage
  Appropriate technology selection: foreign collaboration, indigenous technology, or own engineering.
Feasibility study
  Preliminary report on a project for evaluation of its basic acceptability for investment by client.
Negotiation assistance
  Technical management and evaluation support for discussions with potential joint venture partners, purchase of plants and equipment etc.

Project Management
Project report
  Preparation of detailed project report for presentation to financial institutions.
Finance appraisal
  Technical support during appraisal of projects.
Procurement services
  Consultancy on equipment procurement, import and customs formalities, including connected excise/sales tax and other implications, connected documentation and follow-up, as well as provision of technical assistance during arrival of goods at port.

Project Engineering
Basic Engineering
  Preparation of basic engineering plans, identifying: processes, equipment process requirements, inputs and outputs on a broad basis, to enable equipment specification, project planning and investment scheduling.
Detailed engineering
  Preparation of complete engineering plans for a project, for direct implementation, or further detailing by expert consultants in the fields of
  Architecture, civil, structural.
  Soil and other surveys & analysis.
  Landscaping, horticulture, site development.
  Electrical, lighting, power generation.
  Air conditioning, clean rooms.
  Cold store, refrigeration.
  Piping and handling systems for: water, compressed air, vacuum etc.
  Chemical processing.
  Effluent treatment.
  Food processing.
  Any other specialist area that may be identified as relevant for a project.
Equipment inspection
  Inspection of equipment in accordance with engineering drawings, functional requirements or other set parameters.
Infrastructure engineering
  Design and construction of complete infrastructure for projects comprising: site development, landscaping, buildings and other civil structures, drainage and other civil structures, drainage, utilities, power supply and generation, effluent treatment, miscellaneous fixed assets and all other support systems and facilities.

Construction supervision
Supervision, co ordination and direction of project site activities such as:
Co-ordination between decision making points.
Advice on practical aspects of sites schedule.
Technical discussions with contractors, suppliers of equipment & other consultants.
Commercial discussion with the above agencies.
Certification of bills.
Certification of quality of work.
Scheduling activities of client's staff, selection and induction of personnel.
Continual inspection of in-process or completed works.
Installation and commissioning or plants & equipments.

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