SERVICES / Design & Engineering Services

The Service
Layout planning is the starting point for the creation of offices, buildings, interiors, utility systems, campus facilities, process plants and industrial establishments.

ERG offers a comprehensive service for designing such layouts and for detailed engineering of the connected facility requirements.

The service offered by ERG is multidisciplinary in nature, offering the total solution for project targets at a single point, through a cohesive team.

Work requirement
The work, in a typical case, would involve the application of a vide range of experience, together with knowledge of current practices, integrating all the infrastructure.

The ERG service offering provides a knowledgeable team with a variety of experiences to accomplish the finalisation of such designs.

Further, ERG bundles the layout design with detailed engineering of the facilities and the utilities that go to comprise the entire facility. Every individual sub-project is then detailed and integrated with the totality, to provide the total plant or facility solution.

Design Scope
ERG carries out all the designs needed for facility planning, including: layouts, concept, drawings, detailed engineering,etc. on the software listed above, using its own individual programmes, where appropriate.
Plant layouts:
  Layout of plant according to the requirements of the process, material handling needs and client requirement.
Airconditioning and Ventilation:
Planning and routing of services, including: ducting, piping, controls, power supply, based on the conditions required and the local ambient / external conditions.
Building and structural:
Architecture & design of civil buildings and steel structures (including pre-engineered buildings), using appropriate locally and internationally relevant standards and preferred safety allowances, covering the appropriate municipality, state and other laws and rules and taking into account the applicable wind loads, earthquake zone rating, soil specifications and other local conditions.
Design and layout of interiors, selection of finishes, lighting layouts, furniture selection and design (where appropriate), sanitary work, furnishings, etc., to suit the needs of the project, the ambience targeted, plus client requirements.
Water and effluent treatment:
Quantification and routing of these services, matching these to the input and output requirements of other sub-systems.
Safety and security systems:
Design of sub-systems such as: fire detection and prevention, building automation, networks, access control to the requirements of the plant or facility functions and needs, detailing and quantification.
All designs have associated Bills of Quantities (BOQs) of items required. These are prepared to engineering specifications from our database and can be suited to local requirements and needs, varying region to region.
Civil BOQs.
Electrical BOQs
Other services
Utility estimations

Computing Environment
ERG resource outputs are provided on the following software platforms:

Structural & Civil:
Ensoft Structural
Road Layout
Build SuperFast

MS Projects
ERG also has its own programmes and templates for:
Tender documents
BOQ and project cost computing, estimates and comparisons
Project Financial analysis

Star Office
Open Office
Easy Office
MS Office

Operating Systems:
Windows 98se, 2000, XP

All of the ERG design documents are CAD outputs, apart from written design documents.

Features are:
Own infrastructure feature library continuously created.
Structural designs on CAD, with dwg and dxf outputs, depending on requirements.

Outputs possible:
2D multi-layer drawings with defined levels.
3D buildings and plant facilities: piping, ducting and other routed services.
Perspectives, renderings on 2D and 3D.
Electrical, electronics and control system drawings using own library.
Coordinated drawings for services.

The Experience
This engineering group has substantial experience in designing layouts of industrial plants as well as of offices.

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