Detailed engineering, project management and construction supervision
Engineering design and drafting services
Feasibility Reports and Financial Analysis
Contract management
Product design and development

Range Of Projects Handled
ERG has served a wide range of industries in diverse fields, ranging from biotech and food to communications and networking, computer peripherals, municipal solid waste processing, and biomass based power generation.

Cost Range
ERG has put up a wide range of projects in different fields in a number of areas of the country, with project sizes ranging from Rs.20 lakhs to Rs.53 crores.

ERG is a multi-disciplinary group of engineering professionals with specialised skills in total project management - right from project identification and feasibility studies to implementation and commissioning. ERG has implemented a wide range of industrial projects, virtually each of them in a different field of engineering.

Our strength is the strong inter-disciplinary engineering skills and our ability to interface with all types of technology sources of the client, such as external collaborators, in-house process engineers, in-house project divisions or laboratory level process technology.

General Scope Of Services
ERG provides complete engineering and project management services including site supervision. We also undertake studies and report preparation. Generally, the scope of services will be according to what the clients are looking for. At the time of taking up the work, we enter into an agreement with the client for providing such services as required by the client. Project progress meetings and review will be conducted periodically and remedies taken as required.

Project Evaluation
Market Research
Feasibility Reports
Financial Analysis
Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering
Project Management
Business Plans
Sick Industrial Revival
Refurbishment of Existing Units
Site Survey / Investigation
Site Supervision
Facility Layout / Design Engineering
Product Design
Machine Design

ERG can provide a complete package of project engineering services as listed above - from initial studies and status reports to detailed engineering and project management services.

Depending on the needs of the project, we have provided some or all of the serviced required for evaluation, engineering and management, right from concept to commissioning.

V Seshamani, B. Tech, FIE
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1969)
One of the founder Director of ERG.
Also Director of:
  ° ISA Impex Private Limited, Bangalore
  ° Progressive Electronic Components Pvt Limited, Chennai
  ° Auto Ind Forgings Pvt Limited, Bangalore.

K Raghunandan, B. Tech (Hons.)
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1969)
One of the founder Director of ERG.
Also Director of:
  ° Progressive Electronic Components Pvt Limited, Chennai.
  ° Auto Ind Forgings Pvt Limited, Bangalore.

Area of Specialisation of Directors
Product design, development and systems engineering.
Project management and detailed engineering.
Project/technology evaluation studies.
Negotiation of technical collaboration proposals/JVs and technology transfer arrangements.
Consultancy applications engineering services.

Experience of Directors
Designed and commissioned industrial projects in : food processing, biotechnology, electro-chemical process industries, electronics, plastics, waste processing, power engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, offices and infrastructure.
Provides consultancy services in : food, milk distribution systems, carbon film resistors, palm oil refinery, solvent extraction, magnetic tapes, steel casting, electronics, telecommunications, plastics, HDPE, floor tiles, rubber, PCBs, computer components, aquaculture, algae cultivation, waste processing, vermiculture, biogas, agriculture and various engineering products.

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