SERVICES / Project Services

Project Management
Assignment of tasks in our Scope of Work to construction contractors and onsite fabricators.
Day-to-day monitoring of work progress.
Quality control of onsite works.
Supervision of erection of all equipment.
Supervision of the utility system hook-ups and provision of services to the battery limits of all process equipment.
Continuous review of project performance against the plans, carrying out the necessary modifications and alterations to the work schedule to meet onsite contingencies.
Regular briefing of the CLIENT project manager regarding all aspects of the project progress.
Assistance to CLIENT staff during the project commissioning.
Supervision of testing and commissioning of all the utility systems.
Assisting CLIENT with technical requirements for fulfillment of statutory procedures.

Preparation of the project activity network and the project implementation schedule.
Comparative evaluation, short-listing of vendors, floating of tenders/enquiries.
Comparative evaluation of tenders/offers and assistance to CLIENT where required, during negotiations.
Preparation of co-ordination drawings to ensure no interference arise between individual systems or with the building construction.
Follow-up with CLIENT equipment vendors and contractors to monitor progress of supplies and deliveries to site.
In process or final product inspection as determined at the time of order placement.
Certification of vendor bills.
Bi-monthly review of project progress, variance reporting, identification of critical activities, remedial action required and submission of a monthly progress report.
Preparation of a man-power deployment schedule for onsite project management.

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