SERVICES / Draughting & Digitization Services

The Service
ERG offers a digitizing service for archiving design and engineering drawings, along with supplementary engineering to fill in missing details in the engineering detailing of the drawings received. The service offered by ERG covers all design disciplines, including architecture and engineering.

The Requirement: Archival Draughting
The service is a tool to enable archival of old drawings for the purpose of:

Reducing storage space.
Completing records.
Permanency of records.
Preventing or arresting deterioration and damage.

The Requirement: As-built Drawings
ERG also offers to complete as-built drawings, based on confirmatory data marked on existing drawings, which may be needed at the end of a project.

Other Work
ERG can provide a host of bundled services from draughting to designing.

Inputs Required
Our input requirements would be one of the following:

Archived drawings (paper)
Scanned drawings

Work Methodology
We can give you the type of output that you may need, which could include:

Actual scale
Assumed scale
Layers defined by you
Colour codes defined by you

Alternately, we could provide you with drawings to our default layers, colours, letter sizes and drawing layouts.

In dimensioning the drawings, there are two possibilities:

We could stick to the dimensions in the drawing, thus eliminating errors in the vector file.
We could reproduce the paper or scanned drawing 'as is'.

Computing Environment
ERG resource outputs are provided on the following software platforms:


Structural & Civil:
Ensoft Structural
Road Layout
Build SuperFast

MS Projects

ERG also has its own programmes and templates for:
Tender documents
  BOQ and project cost computing, estimates and comparisons
  Project Financial analysis

Star Office
Open Office
Easy Office
MS Office

Operating Systems:
Windows 98se, 2000, XP
The Experience
This engineering group has substantial experience in designing, drawings (as-built), and tracing work from paper archives and scanned images of industrial plants as well as of offices.

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