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Biomass Based Power Generation
Generation of electric power using agricultural crop residues is gaining importance as a sustainable means of decentralised power production.

ERG has provided the detailed engineering services for setting up of a biomass based power plant in the role of Owner's Engineers for Malavalli Power Plant Private Limited. MPPL is now operating a 4.5 MW multi-fuel 100% biomass based power plant in Mandya District.

A power purchase agreement has been entered into with KPTCL and power is being delivered to the grid on a regular basis at the rate of about 95,000 units/day at a PLF of about 75%.

Based on the experience of setting up this plant, ERG is in a position to set up plants in this size range (optimal size: 6 MW) at an installed cost of about Rs.4 crores / MW. Biomass based power has several advantages over conventional plants and could be an ideal Corporate investment from both economic and social benefits.

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