SERVICES / Sectoral Services

Food Processing
ERG has had extensive background in food projects, having worked in a variety of areas, such as:
Solvent extraction : neem, mahua, soyabean
Extrusion cooking : process development, equipment design.
Process upscaling and implementation : spirulina algae
Shrimp aquaculture : process aspects, equipment, plant, total project design and engineering etc.
Fruit and vegetable processing : IQF Processing.
Fruit processing : juices, jams, jellies, ice creams, etc.

ERG's involvement with food started way back in 1969, with work on milk dispensing, for CARE for their projects in India and Africa. Since then we have designed equipment, factories, processes, etc. and have interacted extensively with CFTRI, NDRI and other Food Research Institutions in India and abroad. The undersigned has been a member of AFST (I) (The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, India) since 1974 and has served on its executive body for many years, including 2 terms as President.

ERG were the first to develop an extrusion cooker from first principles with many unique features and we have participated in process development programs with the APAU Tirupathi, for enhanced feeds for ruminants, through a unique process to combine salseed with area.

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