SERVICES / Project Services

Detailed Engineering
Civil & Structural Engineering Services
Architectural and Civil drawings, or modification if needed.
Preparation of a schedule of finishes.
Preparation of RFQ and finalisation of contracts.

Plant Layout & Architecture
Architectural concept sketches consistent with the functional requirements of the project.
Preparation of the final plant layout for the project site.
Design of plant including Food Industry norms.
Preparation of the architectural drawings, where required.
Building requirements and specifications to enable selection by CLIENT.
Approval of contractor's working drawings, where applicable.

Electrical Engineering & Instrumentation
Preparation of the plant load summary, utilization and power demand forecast.
Computation of State Electricity Board's supply requirements and assessment of supply feasibility.
Backup power system.
Preparation of the schematics of the electrical system, the plant single line diagram and the electrical layout drawings.
Preparation of plant lighting requirements, selection of fixtures, lamps and cabling hardware.
Verification of contractor and equipment suppliers' shop drawings, panel and instrumentation layouts, wiring diagrams and safety interlocks, prior to equipment fabrication.

Mechanical Engineering & Piping
Identification of mechanical equipment, supports, access ladders, platforms, walkways, enclosures or other fabricated accessories, preparation of drawings and installation instructions.
Identification of vendors for mechanical equipment to be procured for the project, as well as other contractors.
Evaluation of offers received from vendors and contractors and recommendations for purchase to CLIENT.
Verification of manufacturers or fabricators' shop drawings prior to taking up of the work.
Identification of requirements of miscellaneous equipment for workshop equipment.
Vetting of maintenance manuals and spares lists furnished by various system and equipment suppliers and recommendations for spares procurement after review with CLIENT.
Preparation of pipe routing drawings for all the utility systems including the connections to process equipment user points.
Selection of hand appliances and detailing of locations.

Process Engineering
Review of the process information received from the client with specific reference to infrastructure requirements, environmental conditions and utility hookups.
Review of the pollution loads due to water, air, solids and noise.
Study of the plant maintenance support facilities, if any, to be engineered into the plant.

Safety Systems
Preparation of safety systems details, as per building, local and national laws and norms.
Approval of contractor's working design.

Pollution Control System
Preparation of Pollution Control Scheme in keeping with pollution Control Board norms.

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