Work Group Activity Allocation
Prepare work plan.
Review plan monthly indicating likely engineering & management corrections and changes required for each activity that look likely to be delayed.
Review contractor bar charts with site team and contractor(s) and take up necessary corrections, in a coordinated manner.
Discuss material supply schedule of each contractor & take necessary corrective action.
Prepare a timetable of material procurement targets for site team to: follow, monitor and raise alarms on whenever crossed.
Be represented at each site coordination meeting.
Identify actions to be taken by various groups for change orders issued.
Prepare and circulate minutes of all meetings that do take place at locations other than site.
Follow-up engineering requirements of site team with each department in coordination with Architect and in keeping with the targets set in meetings & discussions.
Take any other action required to ensure timely completion of the project.

Site Team
Coordinate, supervise & monitor site work and progress with all contractors and work groups.
Ensure quality work.
Follow-up materials availability.
Carry out communications to technical and management groups.
Identify any corrective steps required at site & ensure correction thereof.
Contractor bill scrutiny, measurement verification and forwarding to contracts group.
Point out construction related design/technical issues.
Identify non-tendered items and follow-up its commercial finalisation.
Monitor site work force.
Take up joint work measurements for quantification and bill certification.
Identify problem areas and communicate these speedily to the concerned work groups, engineers and managers.
Coordinate with client representative(s) on all clients related issues.
Call for and coordinate all site meetings.
Minute all site meetings and circulate through planning group.
Ensure that all other construction related issues are attended to with urgency.
Ensure check lists for construction completion and quality levels are specifically gone through with work teams, before take over of completed premises or facilities.

Technical Follow-up
Coordinate with site needs to be fulfilled from the ERG office.
Provide administrative support to site team.
Follow up drawings with all departments to meet specific site schedule requirements.
Identify multidisciplinary problems that need to be coordinated with various design groups and contractors on engineering change orders.
Be present at major contractors site meetings, whenever necessary.

Study all contracts to identify possible issues that may arise during execution at site.
Forward all need-to-know contracts related information to site engineering group.
Give feedback to architect and other concerned groups on contract related issues.
Follow up analysis of non-tendered items with concerned engineering groups for being conveyed to contractors and site group.
Arrange review meetings where necessary on contract related issues to iron out problems.
Monitor pulse of all contracts under execution and contractors working to ensure that no contract related problem surfaces.
Check site certified bills before forwarding to Architect/Client.
Provide quantity-related information to project leader, to enable quantification of work progress.

Cross check the implementation of all quality guidelines as given by designers and checklists based on known construction practice.
Ensure preparation at site of sample construction features wherever subjective comparison is required (e.g.: tiling, finishes and conducting).
Obtain & provide clarifications to site staff on technical issues impinging on quality.
Keep a visual record of quality related effects and ensure correction.

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