Design & Drafting
ERG has a full-fledged design and drawing office. We operate on Linux 2000, VeriCAD, DesignCAD 2D & 3D, AutoCAD, Strand, Build master and PC Schematic. Apart from these standard software, ERG also has developed a range of independent programmes for its work, both on Windows related platforms, as well as on the Linux platform. We have experienced design draftsmen, headed by a drafting office manager with more than 30 years of experience in India and abroad. As of now, the output of the drafting office has been predominantly focused at serving our own needs. We have a total design/drafting team strength of 9, fed by the entire engineering team comprising the various engineering disciplines operating in an interdisciplinary manner in our various projects.

Structural design is carried out on CAD and the operations of the design office is strongly supported by a vastly increasing database of standard designs created by ERG as well as the movement of computer files from the structural engineering group to the CAD department. ERG is well positioned to serve independent design/drafting needs for pre-engineered factories or for archival purposes for other engineering projects.


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